What's new in payment methods!

There are so many innovations and improvements that we bring to the Chilean market that we have decided to change our name.

• Your customers can buy with credit, debit and prepaid cards throughout our network.

• We maintain our services of recharges, bill payment, lottery games, bank transfers and deposits, electronic receipts.

• We support your development and modernization so that you increase your sales.

• We maintain our commitment and security as always, but simpler, faster and more flexible.

• More modern and flexible POS equipment.

• Multiple and innovative ways to sell your products on the web.

Frequently Asked Questions

You don't have to worry, as your balance is maintained.

It will not change, the same accounts are maintained.

No. You keep the contracted services valid.

No, your executive is still the same, you can always check it at www.klap.cl.

It will be changed gradually, for now it remains the same.

Yes, you will have no problem with your POS.

Yes, your 4-digit password remains the same, use it in www.klap.cl.

Now they will become [email protected], but you can continue sending with the extension @multicaja.cl for a transition period.

They do not undergo any change, the contracted services remain valid.

They are not going to change. The move to Klap does not impact current fees and commissions.


  • +115 million annual transactions are made with Klap
  • +700 thousand users have taken advantage of Klap digital services
  • +95% of the communes in Chile have Klap commerces

Authorizations and Certifications

acerca de banco central

Since March 5, 2009, Banco Central de Chile has authorized debit card transactions.

[ See authorization ]

Since October 25, 2010, CMF (former SBIF) has authorized debit card transactions.

[ See authorization ]
acerca de pci

PCI certification since 2017.

acerca de mastercard

Authorization to process MasterCard since 2017.

acerca de visa

License to process Visa cards since March 2018.

acerca de union

License to process UnionPay cards.