Iswitch (Operadora Klap) is a subsidiary of Klap, authorized by the Central Bank of Chile, and is supervised by CMF to operate credit cards and debit cards. It has a MasterCard and Visa license to collect credit and debit payments. It also provides its services to health stores through IMED.

In addition to operating with merchant cards with services of affiliation, acquisition, transaction processing and payment services to commercial establishments, it is responsible for other activities associated with the operations of debit and credit card transactions, including banking correspondent.


PINCENTER is one of the largest companies in Chile for the sale of electronic cell phone and digital television top-up. It is currently connected to more than 18,000 H2H terminals located throughout the country, with more than $3 billion per month in phone top-up products.

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PCT SpA is a subsidiary of Pincenter, in charge of the distribution of lottery games from Lotería and Polla through Host to Host connection in chains such as Jumbo, Santa Isabel, Unimarc, OK Market, Mayorista 10, Alvi, Bigger, Lider, Ekono and Sodimac.


Red Fácil is a subsidiary of Pincenter, providing transaction solutions for telephone top-up, prepaid TV, landline and mobile broadband. Red Fácil offers its services through web portals, POS, IVR, and USSD, using different payment methods.